Data Analysis and Review, Simplified


MinifyView is an intuitive and highly flexible online data review and early case assessment tool. Using the power of MinifyData’s processing engine, MinifyView facilitates the efficient review and culling of case data through an easy-to-use web interface. MinifyView’s fully customizable layout can adapt to the requirements of any case. Features include basic linear review, advanced searching, and powerful reporting that can all be accomplished by logging on from any computer without the need to install software locally.


Product Features

Key Features

  • Simple Case Setup Access remotely loaded case data, assign users and permissions, and create tag groups, all in a few easy steps.
  • Data Security Customize role-based permissions with a user security model that has individual permissions for over eighty tasks, and granular permissions for each tag.
  • Customizable Layout Rearrange interface to suit specific needs. Open and close document representation windows, search tools, navigation bars, and report panes.
  • Cross Browser Compatible Run on any browser supporting Microsoft Silverlight, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Interactive Interface Save searches, customize filters, and assign documents to review tags, all with a drag-and- drop interface.
  • Full Audit Trail Maintain a complete document and user event history, including the ability to roll back tag events.
  • Productivity Reports View reviewer productivity reports, including documents tagged per hour, bulk or individual tags applied and reviewer tendencies.
  • Seamless Integration with MinifyData Enable access to source documents loaded into MinifyData with just the click of a button.

Data Analysis And Review

  • Native File Preview View each document in a near- native format with its search hits highlighted. No external software required.
  • Flexible Tagging Create hierarchical tags and subtags and choose which to display for each coding sheet.
  • Multiple Image and Markup Sets Maintain multiple sets of images and markups of each document, allowing separate versions for different production requirements.
  • Advanced Searching Find documents using Boolean, proximity, synonym, phonetic, wildcard, and fuzzy searches.
  • Drill-Down Filters Filter searches using metadata, review tags, user actions, and event types.
  • Detailed Search History Track multiple searches and filters on data and display history in a hierarchical tree.
  • Batch Management Create batches of documents to review, with the option of grouping documents by attribute, to facilitate review efficiency.
  • Random Sampling Review a random sampling of documents to test for keyword relevancy or reviewer accuracy.

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